Audrey Strikes Again

  OPI “I Don’t Give A Rotterdam”
(2012 Holland Collection)


Has gold glitter running all through it that showed up far clearer than I anticipated… Very pretty and it remained my base color for the foolishness that is “accepting Audrey’s challenge.” 

I don’t even know why I respond to Audrey.  lol.  She obviously doesn’t even understand fear…. this time she did CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pic). Did them well!!  And then had the audacity to expect me to try them?!?!?

FIRST OF ALL, I didn’t even want to do cherry blossoms.  Once again:  TOO DIFFICULT!  I think they are so very pretty.  But even when I lived in DC, I had to stay away from the Cherry Blossom Festival.  Too many people and ENTIRELY TOO MUCH POLLEN….   And, now, as a nail art design: complicated…..

…but far be it for me to not even TRY…. so…..

IMG_3313  IMG_3315
(dark brown, white, light pink and dark pink acrylic paint design)

And in the future, I will be patently rejecting any “Audrey Challenges.”  Smile

21 comments on “Audrey Strikes Again

  1. Marie says:


    Really beautiful! You should do a “Chicago” scene now.

  2. Audrey (Your Biggest Fan!) says:

    LOL! Really?! You bring up pollen as a deterrent in a nail design challenge! I’m so glad you did it!! and I knew it would be good! Don’t let your guard down, you never know when I’ll hit you up with a new challenge!! hehe 🙂 It’s so fun to watch you do purty things!

    • LOL. You have me over here dying laughing!!!
      It’s cool to say ‘I tried it’ but these things are HARD!

      I am not accepting any more challenges from you. You’re outta control!!!! it was fun to see what happened though.
      And YES, pollen is serious!!!! now I feel like I’m going to sneeze.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Well worth the difficult effort… Gorgeous!

  4. TopCoatIt says:

    These are beautiful Cheryl! You did an amazing job! You should be proud of yourself.!

  5. wickednails says:

    Awesome job!!! I like random challenges…they force us to try new things and you are clearly selling your incredible talent short! I LOVE cherry blossoms and yours are great!

    • THANK YOU!!!! Yes, I am seeing that doing the random challenge stretches your thought and creative ability. It made me anxious, but overall it was fun!
      I’m glad I did it now. 🙂

  6. sugarmitten says:

    You did a fantastic job!

  7. Latoya says:

    These are so darn pretty Cheryl!! It looks wonderful, good work 🙂

  8. Wow! This is really pretty and not over done!

  9. C. Lewis says:

    Good Blog Cheryl!

  10. CURTE!!!! I have a challenge for you… 😉


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