Big Day Today!!

This day has been a GREAT one… and I haven’t even taken lunch yet.  lol  I can’t wait to see what else this day brings!

After waking up an hour and a half late and subsequently arriving that late as well (to the day job, lol … I was greeted with tons of congratulatory messages from friends and family!!

THEN, Rachel (from TopCoatIt) alerted me to another wonderful suprise!!  PUBLISHED on “365 days of Nail Art” Blog !!!

YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!  Check it out with the link below :-).

Bright Stripe Nails


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So, I know I’ve been pretty negligent in blogging…. but as you can see, I’ve been busy.  Lol. 

And I’m exhausted.  All my creative energy is drained, and I need to re-up.

I’m excited and anxious… and just trying to stay calm!!!  Smile This will definitely be a ride.  Hope you’ll join me… and stay tuned.

p.s.  my nails feel even more neglected than the blog.  I promise to pay more attention to both in just a second.