Hey guys, Duana here! It has been sooo long since I posted! I’ve been busy graduating and stuff.  And everyone knows what happens after graduation: the dreaded job search. UGH!

After sending out what seemed to be around 1 million resumes and applying for 15,000 positions, I got a call back from a company in my target region. I got an interview!! Naturally I went on a quest to find the perfect interview pinky-neutral, one that was subtly appropriate, but still packed a punch and made a nice statement.

I came across Zoya’s “Laurie”, a sheer pink that was like a palate cleanser to my usual neon-hued nails.  I loved it! For my pedicure, I went a little bolder with OPI’s “Pink Flamenco”. I love the color combination!

Zoya “Laurie”,  OPI “Pink Flamenco”

P.S. I got the job! The manicure was the clincher, I’m sure of it!! lol…

4 comments on “Interviewed!

  1. Congrats on the job!!


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