Polka Dots always win

Shamefully, this has become a sort of “go-to” design when my brain cells go blank.

Drawing a blank is the worst for any artist, I’m sure.

So sitting there with random-sized dotting tools rolling across the desk in front of me, and my latent desire to just use acrylic paint ALL OF THE TIME…..

of course, dots came.  I let them happen whatever way they happened this time.  Had no clue what my nails were going to look like.

China Glaze “Concrete Catwalk” w/ acrylic paint dots



My sister would say my nails look like they have leprosy or something… and for several moments I thought “Why did you basically hide that beautiful charcoal gray polish?”  But the Dotter in my spirit won out… and I love these dots even more than the dots that have come before.


5 comments on “Polka Dots always win

  1. MBe says:

    haha. I was going to side with your sister on this one…but I respect your creativity! 🙂

  2. TopCoatIt says:

    I don’t see any leprosy. 🙂 I like the pink splash on your ring fingers.

  3. Joanna says:

    All of your nail designs look amazing.. I just stumbled across this site, googling nail stuff.. I love these the best!! I too am in love with polka dots.. right now I have a pretty light blue on with white polka dots.. I’m new to this whole nail thing, so I didn’t have the best tools to do them, but they came out good. I love how PERFECT your dots are!!! Keep up the great work girl.. Right now I’m doing my nails once a week.. this is a cute blog,I’ll definetly be stopping by more often 🙂 ❤ Much Luv ❤ Joanna


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