The Leopard Struggle

I have been sooo scared to try a leopard design.  It’s been on my list of manicures to do for a WHILE.

…then came Audrey Smile. She inspired me.  Her leopard design came out SOOOO nice (pic)…. I felt challenged after she seemed surprised that I was scared…. so I finally worked up some nerve and…..

My first leopard design.

China Glaze “Papaya Punch”
w/acrylic paint design


I love this orange. I’m already a huge fan of orange…. I heart this color so much.  I had to “test out” the design first.  lol.  Still hesitant and SCARED!

IMG_3288  IMG_3289

After it came out okay… I tested out the rest of my nails.

IMG_3291  IMG_3292

I like it.  I’ll try it again.  Definitely.

IMG_3293  IMG_3294

14 comments on “The Leopard Struggle

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    They came out great!!

  2. wickednails says:

    I totally know just how you feel! I tried zebra but not leopard yet…and yours turned out great! Maybe this week 🙂 Love those colors btw!

  3. Ahhh! I LOVE leopard, this is super cute with the orange vs the traditional brown and black!

  4. joanna says:

    Omg i’m so scared to do this dezine toooooooo lmaoooo yours came out sooo good… I think i’m scared to do this one and a zebra print too. But I promised my friend i’d do zebra print nails this weekend lol… ❤ Joanna

  5. Cheryl it looks great! Orange is my favorite color too!

  6. TopCoatIt says:

    They look awesome Cheryl! Great job!

  7. Latoya says:

    Wow, so awesome! You did a superb job Cheryl, good for you 😀


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