Love VoxBox

I was excited to FINALLY receive my Influenster Love VoxBox!!!   (

I was waiting until my nails grew out a little… enough to have a free edge to fold my nail stickers over.

The Stash Herbal Tea….. not really my favorite, though I do love herbal tea.  I still haven’t tried the Venus razor (as I’m more partial to Veet for hair removal), nor have I tried the Truvia.  I haven’t found a use for it since I don’t use sweetener for my tea…. but now that I think about it…. Maybe I’ll like the Stash Tea better if I use the Truvia.  I’ll try it, and give you all the update.

OBVIOUSLY, I loved the Ghirardelli chocolate.  Smooth and silky!  I tried it when I was craving chocolate during PMS, so it was even BETTER!  lol. Ahhhh chocolate.


And now for the highlight to this whole package for me!!!…

Kiss Nail Dress “Cocktail”


Cute right?

I’m no longer interested Kiss nail products.  This is the second epic FAIL I’ve experienced.  (the first was the  Kiss Nail Art Stencils – *thumbs down*)

These little stickers LOOKED nice on.  They were extremely easy to apply. 

They FELT horrible.  Yes, past tense.  I peeled the little suckers off my nails about 3 hours ago.  They didn’t even last on my nails 24 hours. 

The ends were prickly on the free edge of my nail.  I think that’s why I like the nail polish/lacquer strips better.  They adhere flat and smooth to your nail bed and feel just like polish.  

This nail sticker design also had little bubbles of shiny sparkly little rhinestone thingys. Cute to look at, but with my self-diagnosed tactile OCD toward my nails, I was distracted by the little bumpy feel on my nails. I can’t stand a snag on my nail, a hangnail, a split layer, chipped polish…. none of that.  So, these basically had to come off.

IMG_3208  IMG_3209

Perfect for an extended vacation. No need for polish removers or anything.  I applied these while comfortably watching television.    And quickly! 

I would definitely recommend them for little girls who want really cute nails and those who don’t feel as skilled with neat polish application or nail art.