Automatic Nail Polish Remover

I am falling in love with my new Automatic Nail Polish Remover machine.

Maybe for the wrong reason today. 

I happened upon these Kiss Nail Art Stencil sets with striper polishes while traversing the aisles of CVS on a break from work.  Nope, had no business even going to that section of the store.


Geeked is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I was like Woot! Woot!  This might be a great alternative to purchasing a stamping kit…. which I have certainly been considering while perusing the zillions of nail polish blogs out there in the blogosphere with amazing nail designs.  I’ve been extremely hesitant because for some reason I feel like a purist with nail design and want the “graphics” to be organic.  *shrugs*  I don’t even know what that really means…SMH.  The stamps somehow seem contrived to me.  (Watch, I’ll have a stamping kit next week – with ALL plates available, will be singing the stamping praises and have the best rebuttal known to mankind to explain the contradictory behavior and mindset.  I should be a politician!)

I rushed home from work to create a work of art!!  -_-  NOT.   I ended up with this horrific blue monstrosity and raggedy stencil designs that weren’t worth the dot of polish I dabbed onto my nails.  :-/

China Glaze “Sky High-Top”


Super underwhelming, ugly even. 
And I can’t even blame the polish color.  I think it was brought down by the flat color choices for the design.  In the bottle, the color was really rather attractive.  Still fell completely flat.

These stencils:  ONE TIME USE ONLY!  No I don’t mean “use for multiple nails” for one time.  I mean, you can effectively use ONE stencil for ONE nail for ONE time and that’s pretty much the life cycle of the stencil.  Unnecessarily difficult to work with.  And though the material is decent for the first application, they don’t hold up.  The design easily stretches out of shape and is therefore no more good.  There is also no credible way to clean the old polish from the stencil.  I tried both acetone (which really I should have known was going to nearly melt the poor stencil – I mean, that’s what is used to remove acrylic nails and glue.  LOL) and polish thinner.  I paid approximately $8 for this stencil set.  At least I got 3 nail art stripers (which would have costs me about $2 a piece) and 24 stencils out of it. 

THIS is where my super crush began on my new automatic nail polish remover machine.  LOL. 
I can personally attest to this machine’s efficacy.  See for yourself:



I got these results after having already removed the past 2 manicures’ polish which included acrylic paint dots AND 5 coats of glitter polish. I did NOT change the remover solution before removing this polish.  I was WAY too anxious to get this mess off my nails!

Go ahead and click the picture… link to the website and get one.  You know you want one.  Winking smile


8 comments on “Automatic Nail Polish Remover

  1. MBe says:

    Umm you SHOULD be a politician with your legal rhetoric! 🙂
    Now you’ve got me longing to get one of these removers…smh. I’m so easily swayed lol.

  2. TopCoatIt says:

    I’m actually really surprised at how clean your nail is after using your new gadget. I imagined there would be leftover polish all around the edge of your nail. Do you think it’s faster than the traditional method?

    • You can’t be more surprised than me! I am so happy that it works so effectively. I haven’t even reached for a cotton ball since it arrrived. I haven’t timed either process. I can say that I feel like I don’t have to pay as much attention to the process though, and it has really worked.

  3. I sooo want one of these now!!!! LOL!! It’s officially on my wish list! 🙂

    • i’m still loving this machine. lol. It was INCREDIBLE for removing the bright red polish without smears or a billion cotton squares! my only complaint is that I wish it had an electrical cord instead of having to use batteries. THEN it would be perfect.

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