Bond…James Bond

Excitement about OPI’s new Bond Collection “Skyfall 007”!!

I finally picked up the collection over the weekend.  The colors are definitely season appropriate.


I LOVE Bond movies. And really, I love the old black and white ones. Pierce Brosnan was a great Bond…. so this manicure will be my mini- ode to him. LOL.  But my FAVORITE will always be Sean Connery.

OPI – “GoldenEye”


IMG_4726  IMG_4727

The glitter is so dense, it looks like textured gold foil on my nails.  It’s a dark amber gold, so even though it’s blingy, it seems tamer.  Like understated sophistication.

This will be perfect for Christmastime manicures.  I can’t wait.  Smile

11 comments on “Bond…James Bond

  1. Heather says:

    Sean Connery was the best Bond ever.

    I like the new colors!

  2. Alana Brown says:

    Does the polish have a smooth finish, or is it kind of bumpy?

  3. Aisha says:

    Love it! Shimmery and sophisticated at “the same damn time!” Perfect!

  4. Amanda (Mae) says:

    this is really pretty, I have been so torn about this collection, i just feel like so many of them are very similar to colors I already have, I contemplated this color and the glitter but I am still torn

    • You know, I’m really not super impressed with this collection overall. There are some nice colors, but several of them are near dupes to the Germany collection that they JUST released as well. I still like it… but I can’t really say three is anything to RUN out and get. I’m still an OPI fan though.

      I am still undecided on the glitter in this collection. As for the gold, I saw pictures of the Zoya gold glitter (Zoya Ziv) and it looks like a truer yellow gold. OPI’s is more of an amber gold. And there are other golds that seem to have a higher “reflective” property. This one is a tad bit more understated. *shrugs*

      • Amanda (Mae) says:

        I totally agree, I still love OPI I just think that the last couple of collections there wasn’t many colors I had to run and get, I was excited about the gold flecks until I found out it was 40 bucks!! lol and I was excited about the glitter becuase it looked so different but am so torn after seeing swatches. I think this one is a very pretty gold though! 😀

      • FORTY BUCKS?!?!?! I heard it was $25…. either way, I don’t think I’ll be making that purchase this time around. LOL.

      • Amanda (Mae) says:

        I heard 40 but then I found cheaper but either way 40, 25 not worth it for me lol with the amount of polishes I have I will wear it what, twice a year I am not spending that much money for it, lol


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