Lines Lines


Yesterday Obama was in town.  Early Voting.  Yayyyy!  I was seriously considering early voting until I heard about all of the lines…. and realized that the lines may be non-existent on election day.  I’m DEFINITELY voting either way! Regardless of lines.

Well, because Obama was here…. traffic! My first appointment for the evening had to reschedule. Result:  DOWNTIME IN THE SALON SURROUNDED BY POLISH… WONDERFUL POLISH!!! Smile

I took the opportunity to pamper my own spoiled nails (that have been feeling neglected because they haven’t gotten as much attention these days).

In my OPI obsession, I just started pulling colors from the 2012 Germany Collection… but this one color from the Skyfall collection just had to be included.

IMG_4828  IMG_4827

OPI – “Berlin There Done That”


“Casino Royale” (Skyfall Collection)
“Don’t Talk Bach To Me”
“Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!”
“Schnapps Out of It”

IMG_4826  IMG_4829


IMG_4833  IMG_4830

9 comments on “Lines Lines

  1. Aisha says:

    I love it! Berlin there done that…gotta have it!

  2. Erin Elizabeth says:

    That is so pretty… the lines look great!

  3. I like it Cheryl! Sounds like you are loving your life in Chicago. Chicago gotta warm up a little before I come visit. ha! So have you hung up your “lawyer hat

  4. Oh and i restarted my blog again. It’s a little different this time though.

  5. RL says:

    Lines Huh!….Blogs are just thoughts from the brain that seem to run together at any given time. That time is now. When I think of lines, I think of cocaine lines, wrinkle lines and picket lines….evenly chopped up to breathe in the the deadly drug of “I’ll settle for this now, because it removes me for the moment.” The wrinkle is confusion. The wrinkle in wisdom. and then finally the picket line..Im tired of you thinkin that this @#$% is a game. Ive become civilized just to keep from going completely Dylan Klebold. You all are bunch of prevaricators. Lines? Lines? “I can’t remember my lines.”…….


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