Espadrille Wedges


I love these shoes.  They are super comfortable… and come on……the COLORS!?!?!?! Perfectly my taste.  So my hands will match my feet today.

Sinful Colors – “Mint Apple”
OPI – “I Eat Maine-ly Lobster”

IMG_3976  IMG_3977

Border nails, with a rose embellishment.



Top Coat Update!

Sooooooo, I’m going to just accept my impatience!  I truly attempted to maintain the same manicure until my polish chipped.  It didn’t work.  *shrugs*  The picture below is after 4 1/2 days of wear, using Seche Ultra V –UV top coat.   No chips.

There is a tiny bit of tip wear, probably caused more by my trying to peel off the polish from the cuticle side of my nails than by actual wear from the normal and everyday activity of an average polish wearer.  They maintained the greatest sleek “gel nail” feel the entire wear time.   The shine could have been freshened a bit, but you can see in the photo, it still exists.


I am now a believer.  The Seche Ultra-V top coat (after UV curing) is exceptional.  I love the “completely hardened and dry after 3 minutes” quality.  This goes wonderfully with my impatient nature.  LOL.  I can do my nails and then get up and do whatever else I want to do.   The smooth gel feel is also just amazing.  I sincerely can’t stop playing with my nails.  And who doesn’t want an extra layer of gleaming, shiny protection over their natural nail?  Smile This top coat is a win!

6 comments on “Espadrille Wedges

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    love those shoes! fabulous inspiration and mani!

  2. I love your shoes and your nails matched perfectly!!! I’m glad the top coat worked out for you!!!!! Beautiful combo!!!!!

  3. Erin Elizabeth says:

    Do you mind telling me what UV light unit you have? I’d like to check out the UV topcoat but don’t have the unit. LUV this look – it’s darlin’!

    • I initially used the Seche mini UV lamp. (There is a pic in the original Seche UV post). It’s really narrow and portable. (I think it was $19 or so at Sally Beauty Supply. It worked fine.)

      But, for this latest manicure… I upgraded.:-) I purchased a Thermal Spa 45 watt UV gel lamp, so I used that.


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