I ain’t scared of no Bundle Monster!!

I am, however, a little overwhelmed.  LOL


Within these 25 plates are so many wonderful options.  I might be playing around practicing stamping a LOT…for a little while.


IMG_3872  IMG_3874

Here, I tested out stamping options with an OLDDDDDDD Wet ‘n’ Wild Pewter Metallic with Bundle Monster (BM-203) over China Glaze – “Trendsetter”.


8 comments on “I ain’t scared of no Bundle Monster!!

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    very pretty, love it! I wouldn’t have thought to choose and pair these colors but they look amazing together. and you are too much with your bundle monster. Thats what you are, a stampin monster 😛

    • Thanks Amanda!! Yeah, I’m getting out of control with the stamping. I just ordered another set of plates. Picking them up this afternoon I hope. Shany plates?? figured I might as well test the gamut of them. lol

  2. Heather says:

    I’m not a fan of yellow (usually), but this looks really nice. I love the pattern you chose.

  3. stephanie pullins says:

    Thus is lovely!!!!!!

  4. skaytanik says:

    That looks neat 🙂 I’m thinking I might have to get some of these!

    • i really do like the designs I see on the plates. There are so many to choose from, I’ll be stamping for forever before I get through them…. but they are really nice. I am planning to order one of the other sets too!

      • skaytanik says:

        I’ve actually got a couple of stamp plate giveaways I’ve entered so I’m hoping to win some! I kinda went free stuff crazy today 😛 (I’m not trying to blogwhore, but I’ve got the links in my last post if you want to enter… just sayin 🙂 )


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