A Dream Deferred


good for the soul??


concept better than reality:
  IMG_2432 IMG_2429
Nicole Miller “French Vanilla” (base)
OPI “Green-wich Village” & dark pink acrylic paint (applied w/nail art brush")
Color Club Nail Art Striper “Crème de Razzery” & “Glitter Hologram”

Reality better than expected:
OPI “Sparrow Me The Drama”
green acrylic paint & Color Club white nail art striper
IMG_2437   IMG_2436 
inspired by:
TopCoatIt’s "argyle nails”

new attempts:
OPI “You Don’t Know Jacques!”
Color Club Nail Art Striper “
Crème De Razerry”
Stripe Right green nail art striper

i love it.

IMG_2444 IMG_2446
Essie “Chastity” (base)
Color Club – Nail Art Stripers  “Mint” & “White”

6 comments on “A Dream Deferred

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    Yay for argyle! Looks great! I love all your stripes too. It looks kind of gift wrapish.

  2. natashadw says:

    for the buppie in you, argyle expressions…@ Cheryl’s Nailer’s, we nail buppies too:-)

  3. Nicole says:

    I love those argyle nails!! Especially your light pink and green. I have a friend who would die for those nails! Also, those stripes on brown look so nice. A nice warm brown is such an underrated nail color. It’s funny how some ideas sound so great in your head and end up less-than-fantastic, and then others sound awful but turn out super cute.

    • thanks Nicole!!! “You Don’t Know Jacques!” is a gorgeous chocolate, mannnn. I love that color!!!
      I have had more than a few “fails” on manicures that seemed WONDERFUL…. in my head. haha

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