Good “old fashioned”, “classic” French manicure on the scene. 

Can never go wrong with this. 

gelish – “Sheek White” & “Little Princess”




My nails feel kinda happy right now. I’m going to try to keep them that way. Lol



It Was Better In My Dream

so…. I envisioned this looking so much better. I actually really just used way too many colors so it just didn’t work. At all. 

Will have to re-do with WAYYYYY less colors. LOL


Sinful Colors – “Beautiful Girl”


Bye Bye Love

I love my nails… really I do.
But…. I was sitting at my desk yesterday and typing.ย  All of a sudden I just got an OVERWHELMING urge to just chop my nails off.

They were kinda in the way.ย  :-/

So, I did.ย  And though I might miss them, they are gone. For now. ๐Ÿ™‚




ย  “Kiss Me On My Tulips” – OPI


Back to some “regular” polish.ย  And faster typing speed.ย  And productivity from not being so dainty and prissy with my hands.ย  LOL

At least for a little while.