I just didn’t really like ANYTHING today.  Everything is going awry right now.  I can’t focus, can’t make well thought-through decisions, can’t figure out what to eat, what to wear, what to do next…. so not having a solitary clue what color to paint my nails shouldn’t have surprised me. 

My nails are already back to their high-maintenance length.  The tips of the nails will be an extension of my fingertip and therefore, polish will undoubtedly chip…. every day.  So, they’re definitely getting new polish each time…. However, I’m exhausted and have way too much to do.  my brain is on overload. Good thing polishing my nails is a soothing activity.

I removed the contact lenses that were completely irritating my eyes and tossed them.


I taped the frames back together so I could finish working. 

After that, I gave up.
I was frustrated, sleepy, irritable and overall BLAH!! So, I just put it on my nails.

My muted and autumn neutral OPI spread

Separately these colors are stunning.  Together….. they are just BLAH! Perfect expression of my feeling. Enjoy.  – __-

“Jade Is the New Black”  (Hong Kong Collection)
“Stranger Tides”  (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
“You Don’t Know Jacques!” (La Collection De France)
“Suzi Takes the Wheel” (Touring America Collection)
“A-Taupe the Space Needle” (Touring America Collection)

IMG_2424  IMG_2425


5 comments on “BLAH!

  1. TopCoatIt says:

    Oh Cheryl, I’m sorry you’re having a blah day. Poor taped glasses. You need to do a fun mani to cheer yourself up.

    • Thanks Rachel!!!! I might have to try out that beautiful Argyle manicure you did. That was just beautiful. You executed that design concept so perfectly. Amazing.
      You may have just inspired a much better mood for me 🙂 Now I’ll have that to look forward when I get home from work.

    • … and yeah, my poor glasses. not even repairable. Gotta get totally new ones. lol

  2. MBe says:

    Oh those taped glasses…smh. I’m sorry but I laughed! LOL I love all of those colors seperately… 🙂

  3. Aisha says:

    “You dont know…” and “Suzi…” are my faves. I saw “Suzi” in the nail shop a few weeks ago and though I may get it next time, of course I was already getting my norm…french manicure! lol

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