Still polishing… plainly

I haven’t done much nail art….. in the past TWO AND A HALF YEARS…. whew…. that’s a long time.

But I am still doing my nails.

I was going to a salon for a while…. Completely ruined my poor little nail beds. Unfortunately. But due to the whole coronavirus shutdown… I’ve had the opportunity to reunite with my nail time.

And I do believe my nail beds appreciate it. lol

I am using dip powder pretty much all the time, so today is no different.

NuGenesis Dip Powder in color “I Rule” (Color NU-151) is a wonderfully neutral taupe-toned near transparent color that basically blurs out nail imperfections.

Maybe soon I will make time and room for creating some nail designs as well.

2 comments on “Still polishing… plainly

  1. Aisha says:

    Polish2times is back! Yay! I miss seeing all the different nail colors and designs! Go Cheryl Cheryl!


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