my first love

I remember so clearly the first time…

I was visiting Chicago in February 2001.  Contemplating life.  Contemplating moving.

I went to get a manicure on the referral of a friend.  My nails were probably a good inch long above the free edge (a bit longer than they are now).  I rarely let ANYONE touch my fingernails.  I just didn’t trust them – still don’t.  I HATE filing-happy manicurists in much the same way a lot of Black women hate shear-happy hairstylists, lol.  My nails are natural!  I feel like that abundance-of-filing-crap habit comes from doing acrylic or gel nails…and the like.  So, NO, I do NOT want you weakening and splitting the shit out of my nails with your wretched emery board or buffing square.  GO AWAY!

So this nail salon visit was RARE!

I took the train and got lost.  After finally finding the correct building, I made my way to the elevator.  My poor naïve soul happened to land an elevator ride with a young man reeking of weed.  He was done.  High as hell.   And his half-opened eyelids ratted him out big time.  In my wonderfully sheltered existence, I wasn’t aware at that time, weed is not the “drug” that makes folks dangerous.  So my ignorance made me skeptical and worried. He kept looking at me so I was absolutely certain I was going to have to fight him or something.   I was so relieved when the elevator dinged on “my” floor…

..but why did this dude get off right behind me????….. slowly…. and head in the same direction I went.  OH NO!!!  HE’S FOLLOWING ME!!!!!  😦

We both went into the nail salon.  The manicurist spoke to him…. he had a seat…..

oh. -__-  no harm was to befall me.  smh.

I sat and waited as she polished the client before me who had this STUNNING polish on her nails.  So, I queried, “What color is that?”

“I’m not really a waitress.”

“I’m sorry.”  WTH?! These people are weirdos!  I didn’t ask what she did for a living though.  “No, I was asking what the name of that polish color was.  I like it.”

Turning and facing me with a chuckle, “That’s the name of the polish.  I’m Not Really A Waitress.”  Then she AND the manicurist laughed.

Embarrassed and still slightly puzzled….. “Really????”

That was my introduction to the wonderful world of OPI. LOL.

Their polish naming is probably more popular than their actual polish for most folks.  I have since been in an unfaltering love relationship with “I’m Not Really A Waitress” and OPI.  It’s my favorite nail polish brand, barring none other that I’ve tried.  My second favorite colors are “La Paz-itively Hot” for my toes, and “Cozu-melted in the Sun.”

My love hasn’t died.
My knowledge of weed…. well, now I understand.  hahahahaha

OPI – “I’m Not Really A Waitress”

IMG_3483  IMG_3484



it’s time…… for a polish blog

I guess it’s BEEN time for this… but I’m finally doing it Smile

This polish was a special request from one of my dearest and closest friends and former Roomie, Kimberly.

She loves fuchsia, so…. I found this  Sinful Colors “Dream On”  in my polish stash. 

I really hate this polish.  It’s matte.  And I love a good gleaming shine… Of course, that’s easily acquired with a brilliant topcoat.  So, technically, problem solved.



004   IMG_2181

There are definite advantages to this matte polish.  It dries very quickly.  This one has decent opacity. But I still find it challenging.  The polish easily swipes “off” while you’re polishing.  That’s all bad.  I managed through the application though. *sidenote:  I AM giving this polish away immediately.  I don’t want to use it again.  I have to find another fuchsia.

Even though it’s not a favorite… it turned out decent.


TopCoat Shine: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri TopCoat    013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects – “Check it Out”


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips –  “Check It Out”

Sally Hansen hit a homerun with these.  I love them.

What I love most is that this is actually nail lacquer…. in a little strip.  Which means, it comes off with polish remover.  Without the drying time.  Without the bedsheet imprints, lol. And without soaking off nail tips or layers of gel, or super tacky adhesive. No super expensive heat lamps needed.  No licensed nail technician. Or special training.

Relatively easy to apply.  Best to follow instructions exactly as printed.  Definitely do all other eight fingernails first and do the thumbs LAST!  You’ll feel handicapped otherwise.  Your thumbs become an integral part of the process of removing the backing and top sheet from the tapes to apply them to your nailbeds.

The company touts this product as lasting up to TEN days.

I have heard otherwise…. but my experience:  I believe them.



















nails 2nails

I actually was sick of having the same design on my nails for so long, so I just removed them.  There was nothing wrong with the polish.  I even tried chipping the polish away at my cuticles and everything.  No dice.

I did use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast drying topcoat a while after applying the strips just because I am accustomed to more than one coat of nail polish on my nails.  It gave it more shine, and maybe it helped extend the wear.  Not really sure.

I do believe that chipping has a better chance of occurring when the tips of the nails are used for daily activities as opposed to the pads of the fingertips.  But that’s really a theory since this polish didn’t chip at all on my nails.

The price.  It was about $10 where I purchased mine.  (CVS).  Not too bad, I suppose.