No more nail stickers….at least this week anyway. 

Copied the design from some more cheap but cute nails stickers. 

To begin:

gelish – “Pink Smoothie”


China Glaze – “For Audrey”


Sinful Colors – “Black on Black”





I was inspired by this very sheer and lightly tinted “correcting” polish from Zoya. 
It looks soooo pretty and finished on people’s nails. Non-intrusive and apparently wears extremely well and nourishes the nail. 

But since I’m fully committed to being ’bout this no-chip life…


ibd Just Gel – “Cashmere Blush”


You can barely tell there is polish. Best neutral look ever. 

And here are my nails before the polish:


The Dentist

I can say with fervor and honest conviction that I HATE THE DENTIST. 

As I’m writing this my whole face is throbbing in pain and all I can take right now is ibuprofen every six hours…. And it’s not helping. 

I’m not sure why I, at all, thought it was a good idea to have a root canal procedure done just before a holiday… But I was just trying to get it done. Well, it backfired. 

I’m stuck here in pain with only brief moments of mental clarity because tooth pain will wipe out consciousness, I swear. Tons of tears. And just as much anger. 

And yes this is a nail blog. 

At one of my dentists’ offices where I am being highway robbed, I’m certain…one of the dental assistants had the cutest nails ever. So I told her I was copying. ๐Ÿ˜ I caught a glimpse of them while she was operating the 3D x-ray imaging machine that after I pay for, probably, will prevent me from buying groceries or gas for my car for the next 6 months. (More time to paint my nails, I suppose.)

Initially I was planning to do the color “peach” in place of “pink”. But I ended up completely copying her style. Lol. 

Thank you, Trish, for the inspiration.  I am certain I’ll be seeing you again sooner that I even want.  

I HATE THE DENTIST!  Is there a word stronger than “hate”? 

After this post I’m consulting a thesaurus. 

ibd Just Gel – “Ingรฉnue”   
ibd Just Gel – “Black Lava” 

(Dots – craftsmart acrylic paint in “White/Blanc”)



Nail Sticker FAIL #epic

I’m obviously just really bad at nail stickers. 

I found the CUTEST nail stickers ever in this loud cheetah print. LOVED them. I’ve been saving them for when my nails finally decided to cooperate and act reasonable. 

And because I wanted them to last I anticipated using no-chip polish to seal them in so they would have some staying power. 


These stickers were curling and peeling from my nails before I barely finished applying the top coat. 

Still wanted the design… So I re-grouped… And did it myself. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

VIDEO tutorial:

I changed the colors around and all. First, because I don’t have any bright ass neon yellow no-chip polish. Lol

ibd Just Gel – “Inky Pinky”


craftsmart acrylic paint in “Orange”

OPI – “Nein!Nein!Nein! Ok Fine!”


I think it was a decent replication.