Nail Sticker FAIL #epic

I’m obviously just really bad at nail stickers. 

I found the CUTEST nail stickers ever in this loud cheetah print. LOVED them. I’ve been saving them for when my nails finally decided to cooperate and act reasonable. 

And because I wanted them to last I anticipated using no-chip polish to seal them in so they would have some staying power. 


These stickers were curling and peeling from my nails before I barely finished applying the top coat. 

Still wanted the design… So I re-grouped… And did it myself. 😁😁

VIDEO tutorial:

I changed the colors around and all. First, because I don’t have any bright ass neon yellow no-chip polish. Lol

ibd Just Gel – “Inky Pinky”


craftsmart acrylic paint in “Orange”

OPI – “Nein!Nein!Nein! Ok Fine!”


I think it was a decent replication. 



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