It was time.

I was becoming super unproductive…unable to easily type; accidentally scratching the first layer of my epidermis off; …and it was taking a LOT of polish to cover my nails.  lol

So, my nails had to go.  Besides that, my nails had a few cracks and weaknesses – which is always a sign for the need of a fresh start.  Spring feels like it’s actually arrived now too, so it was not just time, it was a GOOD time.

The weather in all its sunny glory made picking a color super simple.

“Thistle Do Nicely” – China Glaze Geláze

This is one of my faves.  It looks like a pool party color.  Definitely a Summer color…. even though it’s only April…. and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.  LOL.  I’ll need this cheery color for then.


Truth be told, I haven’t even attempted a marble design on my nails….

So these Coconut Nail Art by Incoco Nail Polish Strips were perrrrrrrrrrfect. And I love them. Maybe they are making me lazy when it comes to nail design, but I still love them. 🙂


So far these nail polish strips are neck and neck with OPI nail polish strips for my preference.  These Incoco strips are a tiny bit thicker and slightly sturdier for application than the OPI nail polish strips.  That thickness probably makes application easier for a “beginner”.  I think the OPI strips lay flatter and thinner on the nail.  They are far superior than China Glaze’s nail strips. COMPLETELY. (China Glaze has some really cute art designs though.)


I did a white no-chip manicure under this nail design, and a no-chip top coat on top of the strips…for longer wear, of course.  And shorter “dry” time.