Decided to snap a pic of my natural nails, just plain… au naturale…..  and before I re-polished them.



I think I like my nails. Smile  I’m giving them the chance to grow out a little bit. I did a gel polish manicure this time just so I would leave them alone for a few days (fingers crossed that I’ll make it through an entire week though. lol)



gelish – “Jet Set” w/black nail gems



3 comments on “naked

  1. I really envy your long nail beds. Your nails look fantastic!

  2. I LOVE THE NAKEDNESS!!!! Mine got so long Cheryl. I ended up cutting them back down because they were naked for so long that I was starting to get tempted to nibble on them. Ugh! So I cut them down. They’ll be long again in no time though.


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