It actually feels like it’s the same time of year as Carnaval…. just in a different location.  It feels like February in Chicago.  You wouldn’t believe we are about 2 weeks from SUMMER! I need the temperature to rise.

This design just put me in the mind of some Brasilian festivities…. Smile

China Glaze – “Flip Flop Fantasy” & “Sun Worshipper”


IMG_7389  IMG_7391


China Glaze– “Sun Worshipper”

It gets really cold in Chicago.  and Windy.  So when the sun re-emerged in a REAL way (I mean, tank top and sandals kinda sun) in OCTOBER I had to pay homage.   China Glaze  made it easy…. and fun.

“Sun Worshipper”

outside in the sun Smile


it’s sooo pretty!  just vibrant.  changed my disposition.  it was NECESSARY to go outside and play in the sun.  the sun reflected off the polish like it was a kindred spirit.  lol.  Oh how I enjoy an incredibly bright azz nail polish choice!