different. but the same. 


ibd Just Gel  – “Flowerful”  & Whipped Cream”

i like it. enough 😊.

I couldn’t remove those ragged China Glaze nail strips fast enough. I should have known it was a mistake when it took so much effort to apply them. 

They “LOOKED” ok, but felt horrible. 

and they gotta be both good looking and good feeling to work. 


The Jungle

“Jane Loves Tarzan” Nail Polish Strips by China Glaze

I did a neutral colored no-chip beneath the nail polish strips….. because that’s how I roll….. lol.

Applying these real polish strips was TEDIOUS!!! They are thicker than other polish strips that I have used so definitely not as pliable. I could have probably hand-painted this design in less time. 😖

While the thinner real polish strips tear more easily which could lead to mistakes in applying…. these China Glaze suckers are so thick, they were way more difficult to “finish” on the nail. More difficult to file off at the free edge. And prone to lifting. 

And because they are thicker they probably wear longer on the nail. And because it was so much work putting them on and with the possibility of them wearing longer, if they look decent after the first seven days, I’m skipping the manicure next week and wearing these for 2 weeks!!!! *fingers crossed*

I love the design too. Looks like giraffe skin on my nails. lol

Very neutral, but a splash of fun.